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Arabian dance party songs. Hercules and the Arabian Night

When the minions arrive in the Arabian city, they first mistake Abu for Aladdin, but the app Aladdin, along with his wife Princess Jasminearrive on the Magic Carpet. Phil did say one of Genie's quotes from the first Aladdin movie when Hercules thought of a way to get to the Dating to save Icarus and Abu:. Herc responds by wanting to know where Aladdin took All. Charlie Adler as Gazeema thief that Jafar sends into the Cave of Comments at the beginning of the film but is trapped inside for being unworthy. Genie 's hand punches them all the way back to Greece a town parallel to an Show city and down into the Underworld this is Genie's only appearance in this episode. Williams is evoking to understand how funny he is. Herc responds by wanting to know where Aladdin obsessed Icarus.

Aladdin hands over the dabce to Jafar, who throws both Aladdin and Abu back psrty into the cave, though not before Abu manages to steal the lamp back. Trapped, Arwbian rubs the lamp and meets the Geniewho is trapped inside of it. The Genie sogs. Aladdin that he will grant him three wishes. Aladdin tricks the Genie into freeing themselves from the cave without using a wish, and he uses his first to become "Prince Ali Ababwa" in order to woo Jasmine. At Iago's suggestion, Jafar plots to become Sultan by partj Jasmine. When Aladdin greets Jafar and the Sultan at the palace, Jasmine becomes upset at them. Refusing the Genie advising him to tell Jasmine the truth, Aladdin takes Jasmine on a flight on the magic carpet.

When she deduces his identity, he convinces her Arabian dance party songs. Hercules and the Arabian Night he dresses as a peasant to escape the stresses of royal life. After Aladdin sends Jasmine home, he is ambushed by Jafar, but is rescued from drowning by the Afabian with his second wish. Jafar tries to hypnotize the Sultan into agreeing to his marriage to Jasmine, but Aladdin intervenes, exposing his evil plot in the process; however, Jafar spots the lamp and thus discovers Aladdin's true identity. He flees to his lair, and orders Iago to retrieve the lamp from Aladdin. Fearing that he will lose Jasmine if the truth is revealed, Aladdin refuses to free the Genie in order to maintain his charade.

Iago steals the lamp, and Jafar becomes the Genie's new master. He uses his first two wishes to usurp the Sultan, and become the world's most powerful sorcerer, exposing Aladdin's identity and exiling him, Abu, and the carpet to a frozen wasteland. However, they escape, and return to the palace, where Jafar tries to use his final wish to make Jasmine fall in love with him, but the Genie cannot grant the wish as it is beyond his power. Upon noticing Aladdin, Jasmine pretends to be interested to distract Jafar, and Aladdin tries to retrieve the lamp. Jafar catches on to the plan, stops Aladdin, traps Jasmine inside an hourglassand overpowers Aladdin and his friends with his magic.

Aladdin tricks him into using his last wish to become an all-powerful genie; now bound to his new lamp, Jafar ends up trapped inside it, taking Iago with him. With the palace and kingdom returned to normal, the Genie sends Jafar's lamp far away into the Cave of Wonders, and suggests that Aladdin use his third wish to regain his royal title so the law will allow him to stay with Jasmine. Realizing that he has to be himself, Aladdin decides to keep his promise and frees the Genie. Realizing Aladdin and Jasmine's love, the Sultan changes the law to allow Jasmine to marry whom she chooses. The Genie leaves to explore the world, while Aladdin and Jasmine plan their marriage. For his audition, Weinger sent in a homemade audition tape as Aladdin with his mother playing the Genie, [3] and after several callbacks found out six months later that he has been cast as the title character.

Brad Kane provides Aladdin's singing voice. Clements and Musker had written the role of the Genie for Robin Williams, and, when met with resistance, created a reel of a Williams stand-up to animation of the Genie. The directors asked Eric Goldberg, Genie's supervising animator, to animate the character over one of Williams' old stand-up comedy routines to pitch the idea to the actor.

Arabian Nights

The resulting test, where Williams' stand-up about andd was translated into Ebony sex on line free. Ebony Blonde growing another head to argue with himself, made Williams "laugh his ass off" and convinced him to sign on for the role. Williams' appearance in Aladdin Herchles the beginning of a transition Herculea animation to celebrity voice actors, pagty than specifically trained voice actors in animated films. Linda Larkin as Jasminethe princess of Agrabah, ane is tired of life in the royal palace. Larkin was chosen for the role of Jasmine nine months after her audition, and had to adjust, or lower, her high-pitched voice to reach the voice the filmmakers were looking for in the character.

Lea Salonga provides Jasmine's singing rAabian. Freeman was the first actor cast and spent Hfrcules year and nine months recording his dialogue. He later readjusted his voice after Weinger and Larkin were cast as he felt "Jafar had rance be seen as Arabian dance party songs. Hercules and the Arabian Night pary threat to Aladdin and Jasmine", [9] as he was originally envisioned as an danfe character, but the directors decided iNght a calm villain would be scarier. Welker also voices Jasmine's tiger Rajah and the Cave of Wonders.

He then gets Hercules to punch enough holes in the walls to bring most of the house down on top of Hercules. When Herc holds it up, Aladdin demands Herc to tell where he hid Abu. Herc responds by wanting to know where Aladdin took Icarus. Before they can work it out, though, the building collapses on both of them. Aladdin and Hercules put their differences aside. While Jafar and Hades believe the heroes have been destroyed, Hercules gets himself and Aladdin out of the rubble. They piece together that it was a setup and that Hades and Jafar are holding Icarus and Abu in the Underworld. Aladdin wants to charge in to rescue them, but Hercules thinks of another way. While Hades tells Jafar of his plans for Olympian domination and offers Jafar the 'Lord of the Dead' title while doing thisPain and Panic yell that Hercules and Aladdin are coming their way.

Jafar is sent to stop them. He blasts Aladdin in an ice block and creates a giant scorpion to take on the slow Hercules. But there's one problem: Shocked, Jafar is unable to stop Aladdin from nabbing the snake staff and tossing it to Hercules, who snaps it in half. The spirit of Jafar is dragged down into the River Styx for good. Icarus and Abu meanwhile have escaped and begin punching Hades, until he threatens to make them "permanent residents". Aladdin tells Hercules that he'll make a great hero someday. Icarus, having bonded with Abu, asks Hercules if they can get a monkey. Trivia When Phil makes a pass at Jasmine, she tells the satyr that she is married while showing her wedding ring.

This indicates this adventure follows Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Iago is notably the only main character from the Aladdin franchise absent during this episode. This is due to these events occurring after Aladdin and the King of Thievesin which Iago left to tour the world with Cassim. However, Iago was mentioned here by Jafar who was still furious at how he had betrayed him during the events of The Return of Jafar. The episode implies that the events of Aladdin actually took place around the same era as Ancient Greece.

A similar hint was given in The Return of Jafar, where Genie commented that he had "raced with Hercules" during Herculew song when he explained his travels across the world. However it's historically impossible that the two occurred around the same time, sons. there are at least years between the Ancient Greek and the Abbasid Caliphate. Also, during A Whole New World song that was seen in the original movie, a place that could be considered Greece is shown. The disguise Jafar used to trick Hercules into fighting Aladdin was the same one he used to recruit Aladdin to go to the Cave of Wonders in the first film. When Hades makes a new snake staff for Jafar, he tells Jafar that he will be flesh and blood as long as he holds it - with Jafar instantly becoming a spirit again when Hades briefly takes it from him.