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Most sexual movies of hollywood. The 11 Most Disappointing Movies of 2017

The double whammy of Dsappointing disgrace and cookie ball evolution was absolutely unbelievable. The original cartoon was original, had a small plot and real characters, and good funny moments. The double people of this disgrace and dragon ball evolution was absolutely unbelievable. At least Vampires Places was suppose to be funny. I'd agree with this, it's a big dissapointment, the app was so short and lame. The double whammy of this disgrace and dragon ball put was absolutely unbelievable.

There are so many brilliant people in the business directors, graphics artists, editors, writers, etc that could have made a brilliant fourth edition to the Star Wars films. It just goes to show that George Lucas should have listened to the talented people around him instead of doing it himself once again. That film had the worst writing and dialog of any film before or since. Way to ruin a franchise George. The characters were so strong and those films held true emotion. This new one started a new trilogy that only focused on the special effects Which if I am being honest, were just over-done and distracting. I'd take the old Muppet creatures of the older films over this cartoonish CGI any day.

I hope that with the new Star Wars films episode 7 comingthey get back to the root of what made them great in the first place. It took so long for this movie's taste to mostly wash out of my mouth I don't know which movie I hate more this or "TLJ? But does anybody agree that spider man 3 was a masterpiece compared to the amazing spider-man 2? Am I the only one who likes this film? It's problematic, but I found it to be a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy. His new suit seems much less menacing, and Venom gets like 10 minutes of screen time. The whole dark version of Peter was really corny as well. I like this movie! It has a great plot, and great villains aka venom and sandman.

I wish I could just watch this as a decent crime film but it keeps reminding me about how inferior this is. Sure, its still a pretty good movie for what it is, but it's a Godfather movie!

It needs to give me more! Seriously, what did you expect? Rather silly to think the grand stories and productions of the first 2 could ever be approached again - Billyv It wasn't disappointing, I liked the movie it was a real conflict to it. Please see "Top 11 Worst Sequels" for proof. Seriously, the movie is crap! I wanted to claw my eyes out! But please, don't hate on the show because of it. It may be from Nickelodeon, but it is absolutely fabulous. The movie should be erased from our memories forever. The original cartoon was original, had a good plot and real characters, and good funny moments. The movie had none of this. It was just scene after scene of random things that were seemingly copy pasted from the cartoon and Most sexual movies of hollywood.

The 11 Most Disappointing Movies of 2017 together, with way too much narration. When news broke that Carpenter and Russell were re-teaming for the belated Escape From LA, it sounded almost too good to be true; the same director, the same actor, and a bigger budget? Sadly, the results were anything but. At the very least, it deserves a better adaptation than this star-laden misfire, which history has noted as one of the most disaster-laden film productions on record. Seasoned director John Frankenheimer was brought in as a replacement, but the resulting film was an utter mess: Although, somewhat mystifyingly, Alien 3 is described in far harsher tones than Resurrection, at least the former truly feels like an Alien movie.

Starting in the conventional giant monster vein, with a nuclear-embiggenned giant lizard cromulently wrecking boats at sea before turning its attention to Manhattan, Godzilla then changes gear into a Jurassic Park-style battle against smaller lizards hatching from eggs. Director Roger Christian eventually took the helm, and the film was a critically derided catastrophe. A sprawling story about earthlings fighting against an alien occupation in the yearBattlefield Earth looks like the stuff of madness. Travolta and Forest Whitaker stagger about in cumbersome alien outfits, codpieces and dreadlocks, every single scene is either shot on a distracting Dutch tilt, heavily filtered, or both - oh, and the dialogue has to be heard to be believed.

If Battlefield Earth was an infamous box office flop although that in itself is a matter of debate: As critics took it in turns to describe the film in the most creative terms possible, the descriptions became ever more colourful and outlandish. Supernova An example of a production that began promisingly enough, before spiralling into more mediocre and bizarre territory, Supernova began as a script by William Mallone called Dead Star. Its premise was initially closer to the kind of spaced-based horror that would later feature in Hellraiser: Bloodline and Event Horizon. As the rewrites piled up, and the film was cut and recut to satisfy test audiences, the movie gradually deteriorated into the sorry mess it eventually became, which is more of a sci-fi thriller with vaguely raunchy undertones.

Hollow Man In terms of sci-fi and action, Paul Verhoeven barely put a foot wrong in his 80s and 90s Hollywood period. Mission To Mars Before the yearthe notion of Brian De Palma directing a sci-fi movie sounded like an exciting one. Seasoned actors such as Don Cheadle, Gary Sinise and Tim Robbins were similarly wasted, and saddled with characters who spoke in cliches.

21 Terrible Hollywood Reboots And Why They Failed

And like Escape From LA, everything seemed so right with this genre thriller, which sounded like a distillation of just about everything John Carpenter had made up to that point. It was a siege movie like the classic Assault On Precinct 13albeit set on Mars, and its antagonists were weird alien ghosts which turned their victims into vampire-zombie type things. The performances were all over the place, the music was distracting, the effects were less than special, and its narrative plodded when it should have swept along at an entertaining clip.