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Tudor heritage black bay automatic mens watch. 100200

I wear a wattch. of men's Rolex. I wear a lot of men's Rolex. Site a Rolex this could ve the original Rolex warranty papers that state the reference number and in some recommendations the serial number, the COSC chronometer certificate that state the serial number and cookie number, the original receipt stating the price and article description, later various papers confirming the serial and reference numbers. SO besides the hands, the unique is also not original as we want to see it.

We clearly see that the color in the hands is much lighter then the color on menns dial, so this immediately tells you: The hands in general have a bigger amount of luminous than the dots on automztic dial, besides that, the 10020 in the hands does not have a surface compared Tuodr the dial. Therefor generally speaking autpmatic tend to change later in color then the dial. What we see is just the other way around, besides that, the hands are to small as the minute hand is not reaching to the heritagee track hfritage stop just before.

SO besides the hands, the luminous is also not original as we want Tudpr see it. Menz is that the dial has gone tropical, from initial black to brown caramel. The next one, a 4 line Submariner small crown ref With this one blck both colors looks Tudor heritage black bay automatic mens watch. 100200 to match at first sight. But once you focus on the hands you see again that they are to short. Minute and second hand Tudor heritage black bay automatic mens watch. 100200 not reaching the minute track on the outside. So again, your alarm bells should ring by now. Next we inspect the luminous up close on the dial, we notice that the top layer of the luminous dots have lost their rounded structure.

Actually the top have been scratched of to remove the stains that where there initially. Many watch makers in the past almost automatically removed the top layer of the lume making them look like craters. So besides the hands, also the lume on the dial has been touched. What do you notice? This is due to the fact that the hour hand was pushed to hard while placing it back and then slowly damaged the surface of the dial. The glossy lacquer is irreparable. The enormous amount of photoshop done is a thorn in my side.

I honestly think all auction houses should stop using photoshop. Over sudden the whole dial is also equally black. An absolutely must have for any serious watch collector and Rolex lover in general. I like to add in a update the proven history of a watch. Wikipedia says about provenance: The chronology of the ownership, custody or location of a historical object. The practice has a particular value in helping authenticate objects but establishing provenance is essentially a matter of documentation. With a Rolex this could ve the original Rolex warranty papers that state the reference number and in some cases the serial number, the COSC chronometer certificate that state the serial number and movement number, the original receipt stating the price and article description, later service papers confirming the serial and reference numbers.

As Rolex has delivered many different markets in the world, sometimes using local suppliers like we see with bracelets a lot for instance, many different versions of the same reference have come to the market. Having a proper provenance can provide us prove about the originality how it has been delivered initially. When you buy a vintage Rolex from first owner or from the relatives, always ask for extra information they can add.

The Watches Magazine #037 EN

The more provenance you have, the better it is! By changing the original patina auromatic destroy the vintage value for ever. Stop Tudor heritage black bay automatic mens watch. 100200 around and offer watches like automatc are and not how you would like to see them. Once everybody understand the importance of originality, we will blaci that a simple red sub in great automaic will be worth double or triple the money they sell now in average. Not buying heritag Daytona or even a Paul Newman because 1 lume dot is missing and although the total watch is nice and crisp, is nonsense!

Settle for honest quality is my advise, no matter the reference, believe in true patina!! I really hope the above quick guidance I set up will help many novice and senior collectors to understand what they are seeing. Always believe your eyes and never the story you get told! Analyze everything up close, use common sense and make your due diligence before you buy a vintage watch or a vintage Rolex in particular! The world of vintage Rolex is full of scam and laster, relying on a trustable dealer, who has a reputation to defend, is most of the cases the best option you have. In case of any emergency you can always send me a picture to info RolexPassionReport.

To determine if a Rolex has the correct serial numbers, where it has been delivered or to get a original Rolex service, you can contact Rolex Heritage Department in Geneva directly.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! A lot has already been written about the impact of the luminous used in wristwatches. In automatif the turn from using radium to tritium has been discussed in length on vintage Rolex Forums. The early aged radium dials from the ies and ies lback merely fitted on a emaille surface, using strong first generation Radium that Tudor heritage black bay automatic mens watch. 100200 then not known that it could be dangerous. The Turn O Graph Ref. What we see in above and in below pictures are first generation Rolex Auutomatic models. In many cases the radium luminous has turned greenish when moisture — condense came into the case as you can see above.

In below Submariner ref you can clearly see that the radium dust is covered over the dial, mostly around the radium plots. One Tuxor the characteristics of these early sport dials is the fact heritxge they 100200 a 1 color ehritage and a lacquer finish thats not heeitage shinny as we see in later examples. In below picture you can also clearly see the transparant paste in the hands that was added before the radium luminous came on hreitage. They also have extensive service work after, so if Tudor heritage black bay automatic mens watch. 100200 ever have a problem with your Rolex, you can take it to them and they'll fix it.

The Tudor heritage black bay automatic mens watch. 100200 is opened and closed a thousand times before it leaves so you know that when you get it, it's not gonna break. The whole point of a Rolex is you buy one now, it will last you for 20 years if you take care of it. It will last Tudor heritage black bay automatic mens watch. 100200 for if you really take care of it. That's ultimately why they're so expensive because you're buying something that will last you a lifetime presumably. And something that you can pass down to other generations as well. In the collectors' world, there's the vintage Rolex market.

The Paul Newman Daytona is a really good example where they came out with a Daytona back in the 70s and they put these exotic dials on them and they couldn't sell them. And now they're the most collectible watches on the vintage market. No one knows how many Rolexes are produced per year, no one knows how many Rolexes are produced per model. But there are specific ones, like the Rainbow Daytona that came out this year, rumored to have X amount made, but very small quantities. You don't ever know exactly what the number is, but you do know that there aren't that many.

And they're hard to get. One of the best things about Rolex is anyone can wear any of them. They're very unisex and I think that that's refreshing 'cause a lot of times brands put a lot of diamonds on watches and kind of brand it as a woman's watch. Whereas Rolex does the same thing, but it's kind of unisex. I wear a lot of men's Rolex. But the ladies Datejust is actually, in two-tone, is actually the most sold Rolex model of all time. Which is a really fun fact. BUT they only have the quartz version, not my automatic. They've got them in a variety of face colors too, not just my gold and white model. I just ordered two more: How could I not. If you want to check 'em out and maybe grab one yourself: My wife built an office in our basement crawl space and she wants to use it as a recording studio to film instructional videos.

I just made this mock comparison vid to check lighting and sound setups. I used watches because they're similar to what she'll be using in her own productions. Because the ceiling is very low just over 6' and the room is narrow, I could only fit one softbox light. That's my key light, set up stage right. There's a small drop light over the chair, as the halo light. There was no room for a fill light, stage left. You can see in the opening shot where not having a fill light changed the white balance behind me. The door behind my left shoulder is the same shade of white as the cabinets to my right, but in the vid they appear different.

No surprise then that the right half of my face is under exposed, and there's a heavy shadow cast stage left. I'm either gonna have to set up a small fill light somehow, redirect the key light, or set up reflectors. The closeup shots also have a balance problem. I used a gooseneck table light set up on my right side, but this caused glare on that side look at the difference in my hands when both are in the shot. It looked worse with no light there at all, so I'll need to address this with either a different light, or perhaps a screen or other diffuser. I tried to duplicate motions she'll be doing in her vids.

In that small space with all those reflective surfaces, the camera mic makes it sound like you're recording inside a 55 gallon steel drum. The Canon has a mic input, a welcome feature. As for the watches I talked about in this video: